20 Best High Protein Breads for 2022
March 21, 2022

Want to know my favourite 20 best high protein breads for 2022? I have a clear winner but that is because it comes in a packet and I don’t have to make it! One of the things that I hated about being on long term keto was missing bread. 

I could have easily given up anything else, but freshly baked sourdough bread was something I missed often. Now that I am eating the Metabolic Recovery Protein Priority Diet plan, bread is something I can have again. Let’s dive into the 20 best high protein breads including recipes or products.

These breads are a mix of low, moderate and higher carbs so you are sure to find a high protein bread to suit whatever way you are eating. It doesn’t matter what your current diet is, incorporating more protein is essential to long term success and health. Having a slice of bread is just one of the easy ways to do that.

Spoiler!! My no.1 high protein bread is from a German manufacturer called Mestemacher who specialises in high protein breads and rolls. Their rye based protein bread is delicious when toasted up, it browns nicely and gets crispy. But, theres more. I have put together the 20 Best High Protein Breads for 2022.

But you might not be able to get this product, or any of the others I can get here in France/Switzerland. So I have also included high protein bread recipes too, should you fancy making your own bread. Of the 20 high protein breads, not all are low carb so if you are watching the carbs carefully, make sure to check out the nutritional information of the recipe.

20 Best High Protein Breads for 2022

20.  Maria Emmerich’s Protein Sparing Wonder Bread

This one comes last on my list because of the faff of getting your hands on the ingredients. It’s got some obscure ingredients for sure, (egg white protein powder for example) but the idea of isolating egg whites and egg white protein doesn’t sit well with me.

This is because many people have low level intolerances to egg white that might not show up immediately. And this is A LOT of egg white protein. However, you might have no problem with egg whites so this bread is a great high protein addition to your diet. 

Since it’s mostly protein with zero fat, make sure you round out the nutrition on this bread by eating it with healthy fats like butter. Why not try making a sandwich with some cheese and cooked ham? 

There are a lot of options to add flavour to this bread, like herbs, spices or even cinnamon to make a non sweet but still sweet like breakfast bread.

19. Headbanger’s Kitchen Keto Dinner Rolls

These are super low carb but have 4g of protein per serving so you can eat a couple of them to bump up your protein. With just 1g net carbs you can indulge if you are following a low carb diet.

18. Mestemacher Protein Toast Rolls


Hurrah for ready made protein bread rolls. These are so versatile and can be used as hot dog buns, toasted garlic bread or just as a sandwich. They are low carb and each roll has 16.3g of protein.

17.  Fit Bread

This preparation for bread is really good nutritionally but has got psyllium husk in it so if you have any gut issues, I would skip this bread. Otherwise this bread is packed with protein with 11g per slice and is easy on the carbs at just 2.8 g.

16. Easy Low Carb (Protein) Bread

This almond flour bread is really good! The texture is just like wheat bread. It’s gluten-free, paleo, and has only 5 ingredients. However this recipe is not high protein, you can make it protein by swapping out ⅓ cup of almond flour for protein powder. Or you can just add the protein powder and increase the amount of water you add. It won’t be much so add slowly!!

15. Gingerbread Zucchini Bread – a sweeter alternative

This bread is moist and dense, with just the right amount of warmth, sweetness and spice. It is well balanced in macros – higher protein and lower carb than most breads – and with only 100 calories per slice! This bread uses a flavoured protein powder, but she has given tips for switching out to different protein powders.

14. Date and Pistachio Banana protein bread

This one is higher in carbs but it’s whole food carbs from banana, unsweetened apple sauce and has an artificial sweetener. Because of the fruit the bread stays moist and feels filling and dense. This bread is definitely a weekend treat!

13. Foodspring Protein Bread – Bake at home

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, this bake at home bread is filled with selected seeds and superfoods. It’s got whey protein isolate which is a great low fat low carb protein. Get baking again with this foolproof mix.

12. Low carb keto protein loaf

Queenketo, who owns this recipe, calls it amazing. Probably because, for a keto bread, it does look and taste pretty amazing! BONUS – it’s ready to bake in 5 minutes. Now, that is my kind of bread.

11. Low Calorie Protein Bread

Big Man’s World says “this low calorie bread clocks in at under 50 calories per slice and is perfect for toast, sandwiches, and more! Made with healthy ingredients, it’s soft and fluffy on the inside with a lovely tender crumb!” I don’t know what a tender crumb is but it sounds good to me!

10. Low carb, high protein, paleo bread

This low carb, high protein nut and seed Paleo Bread is easy to make, tastes fantastic, and is packed full of protein. I would caution if you have digestive issues because of the high seed and nut content.

9. High protein bread

I LOVE the recommended method for making this bread – “Place ingredients in the pan of the bread machine in the order recommended by the manufacturer. Select basic medium or regular setting; press Start”. It made me laugh! If you don’t have a bread maker, experiment with your own oven. Good luck!

8. Terrasana protein bread (ready to go)


Being the lazy cook that I am, I prefer ready to go protein breads. Yes they are processed but usually these types of bread have good, whole food ingredients. This one is made from rye, wheat protein and soy so go easy if you have soy issues.

7. Diet Doctor Protein Bread

We love Diet Doctor here at the Protein Priority Diet. Since they opened up the stage to higher protein diets, the recipes have been coming thick and fast. This one for high protein bread is apparently fool proof. Let’s see!

6. Superfood protein loaf from Jamie Oliver


Jamie Oliver is one of our favourite TV chefs. His recipes are always flavourful and he uses whole food ingredients which makes this coach happy. This super food protein loaf toasts up lovely and has 10g of protein per slice!

5. Carb Zone protein bread (ready to go)

Another thumbs up ready to go protein bread. This bread packs 11g of protein per slice so it makes an easy way to top up your protein. Toast this bread up for a nice breakfast treat.

4. High protein oat sandwich rolls

One of the biggest drawbacks of keto was losing the convenience of sandwiches and bread rolls. These rolls are moderate carb at 18g per roll but they contain up to 30g of protein depending on the oats that you use. Go for sprouted oats to lower the digestible carbs.

3. Low carb tortillas

Yes technically not a bread but wraps are super convenient especially if you eat lunch at work and don’t have access to a kitchen or microwave. These are great tortillas BUT if you eat them don’t let them toast otherwise you’ll end up with tortilla chips. Ask me how I know…

2. Easy protein bread

This really is easy. It’s straightforward and has whole food ingredients including protein powder. I love the ingredients in this bread, they are very beneficial and the apple cider vinegar actually helps blood sugar so win win!

1. Mestemacher protein bread (ready to go)

This is my No.1 choice because it’s delicious bread, filling and great quality. It toasts up nicely getting crunchy. It keeps for weeks in the fridge if you don’t want to eat it every day. It’s also available in the USA!

So that is my top 20 Best High Protein Breads for 2022. Reach out and let me know your favourite high protein bread! If you want to know more about how protein works for weight loss, check out the details of Protein Priority Diet.

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