Protein Priority Diet™️ is designed by Ketogenic Nutritionist Christina Oman.

Protein Priority Diet™️ is designed by Ketogenic Nutritionist and Weight Loss expert Christina Oman.

Protein Priority Keto – How To Cheat Sheet

Keto, for women 

The Ketogenic Diet is the most powerful dietary intervention for Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and all of the other symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome. You are here because you recognise that your body does not do well on carbs. I am here to help you transition to a ketogenic diet that can restore health and vitality.

Following the standard keto guidelines might have worked for you at first, but then it stops working. Because Keto For Women is different!

Hi I’m Christina

Certified Ketogenic Nutritionist 

I’ve been you. I was morbidly obese, I have been through the weight loss journey and I’ve lost more than 100 lbs/47kg. I know the best way to lose weight and the secret to lasting weight loss because I have lived it myself. I can help.

Game changing weight loss

Through coaching hundreds of people on their weight loss journey I know what works and more importantly what doesn’t work. As a qualified Ketogenic Nutritionist my priority is healthy weight loss, not weight loss at any cost.

It’s time to reject toxic diet and weight loss mindset.

No calorie counting, no restriction, no fasted workouts. Just healthy sustainable weight loss and health recovery.

 Following my guidelines, you can eat keto, reverse disease and feel better than ever all whilst losing excess weight.

Get the FREE Protein Priority Keto Cheat Sheet below to get you started if you’re not ready to commit to the paid program yet.

Free Programs to get you started

Protein Priority Keto 

Curious about Protein Priority Keto? Download this free one page cheat sheet on how to eat a Protein Priority Keto diet. This is NOT a high protein plan but a fully ketogenic way of eating the prioritises the most important macro for health and satiety. 

Emotional eating live coaching replay

Watch the replay of this live coaching session were we dive deep into emotional eating. Sometimes, it's not about the food, it's just what we do to avoid feelings we don't want to face.

metabolism recovery guide

If you are a chronic dieter, an expert in restricting calories, fat and protein but not able to lose weight then this 7 Step Metabolic Recovery Guide is where you need to start.

Work With Me

There are a few ways that you can work with me. Each way is designed to meet your needs in terms of time and financial commitment. Read on to get all of the details.

Paid Programs and Solutions

Protein Priority Diet™️ High Protein Weight Loss


Emotional Eating Solution©

Emotional Eating
and Self Sabotage Program

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