The Whole 360

Emotional Eating Solution

Say goodbye to emotional eating forever

with Christina Oman

Why you’re here…

You are a carb addict.

You can’t stay away from them for long without bingeing.

They always get you in the end, no matter how hard you try to resist.

For one reason or another you always turn back to carbs. What’s your number? The number of times you’ve tried to lose weight, the number of times you tried to “control” how many carbs you eat? You probably can’t remember now; it’s been so many. I hear you. I feel you.

It’s always the same. You start off strong, lose some weight and then life happens. Some unexpected event, stress, upset, anything that knocks you out of routine and suddenly the grip you had has started to loosen. Foods that don’t support your journey are starting to creep back in again, the carbs are numbing you, and you quickly find yourself back where you started, or worse, with even more weight to lose than before.

Maybe it’s not stress. Instead you find yourself looking longingly at the food you used to eat. You see others eating what they want and they’re able to stay slim. Maybe you can learn to control your portion sizes so you can have a little of what you want. They’re always saying “everything in moderation” right? You can do it; you just need self-control. So, you experiment with a slice of cake or a couple of cookies and suddenly you’re eating carbs every day, every meal. Quickly you find yourself back where you started, or worse, with even more weight to lose than before.

Does this sound familiar to you? If you see yourself in either of these examples then this program is for you.

Here is what women are saying about
The Whole 360


“Christina, thank you again for helping me to go through The Whole 360 Program. It was well put together and I truly appreciate the time, effort, and professionalism you put in to it!

Before starting the program, it was very easy for me to just go through the motions day to day. With many of the exercises and the challenge of daily journaling, I learned how important it is to take a good hard look at myself, forgive myself, and be more aware of the here and now.

Having a mindset of gratitude has been huge for me as well!

I highly recommend The Whole 360 program and feel like it will help anyone to uncover some issues that might be holding them back from being their best selves!

Thank you again!”




“Before I started was basically living on autopilot. I was doing a great job (I think!) in taking care of everyone (two young kids and a partner) – except myself. I focused on making healthy meals for the kids but was skipping mine or choosing less healthy options because it was easier, quicker and more convenient. I didn’t take the time to nourish myself as I did my family.

I’ve experienced several breakthroughs, the most important probably being that it is ok to choose me. It’s ok to take care of myself as well. Sometimes, my kids can wait a couple of minutes so that I can take time to prepare myself a healthy meal too. It’s ok to take time to go running, which is something I loved doing but I felt that it came last. Realising I’m not just a shadow, a partner of, a mother of,…. I feel very excited to achieve my goals which you also set up with this program. These goals will give me back an important part of my identity.

I realised how much the past can have an almost unnoticed effect on the choices we make today. One of the first exercises works through memories that make you recall an emotion which was very enlightening as memories came up I didn’t even think I remembered. The gratitude section in the end was an eyeopener as well, what an amazing tool to see the positives in your life.

Choosing me. And not feeling guilty about that. Choosing to prepare myself a healthy meal too, to go running, to go and do that exercise, to sit down with a coffee rather than running around with it and forgetting it. To pursue my own development (physically, intellectually) instead of just facilitating it for others. I’ve become more healthily selfish and I’m loving it, and I feel like I can be a better a parent and partner because of it as well. I feel I have the tools now to live a healthier life, every aspect of it.

Thank you Christina.”

– Switzerland


“My challenge was myself to be honest, I hated the way I looked & how I would cover up my pain with jokes & smiles, carrying myself though life with the mask of a happy clown. while inside a sadness and a hatred for myself.

I’m now able to see myself in a different light, it’s like a switch has been turned on. I now have more energy and brightness in my life, I’m starting to like/love things about myself. Which, to me, is amazing.

I can say everything is possible now, I look at challenges differently and instead of saying I can’t do that, I think what can I do & how do I go about facing this challenge. I’m calmer in my mind and look at situations and properly think about them. Unlike before I would just act and not think about consequences to myself. I now nearly look forward to a challenge.

I accept myself .. thank you Christina”

– Ireland


“You are an amazing person and have already changed so many lives and this program has completely changed me. I had no idea how badly I treated myself and how simple actions could change all of that. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this program”


“Mind set is absolutely everything and with your help and support we in the 360 will be our best selves and free from mind games and struggles”


“I felt a little lost before but now I’m slowly using the tools you have given me in the whole 360 and I realise that I’m capable of knowing what I need and I’m not afraid to ask for it”


“You don’t just teach, you show us by how you live too. You do what you teach us in The Whole 360 and face the fears and go forward because it is the right move for you. It makes me feel brave and like I can do it too”


“I really believe the Whole 360 program will impact women in a much wider and fundamental way than just focusing on food and what to eat”


“I only joined Facebook for this program. The Whole 360 program is beyond amazing..there are no words that do it justice!”


“Your authenticity in your coaching has always put you way ahead of all the other coaches…no matter what the topic is!  Thank you, Christina, this program has changed my life!”

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