The Emotional Eating Solution Intensive

The intensive Emotional Eating Solution

Say goodbye to emotional eating forever

with Christina Oman

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Why you’re here…

You are here because you have got to the end of another day/week/month and you are tired, am I right?

You are tired of feeling defeated by food, by your weight and by the constant struggle to stay on track. I know the feeling. You are facing the new year, determined not to end the next one in the same place you are now. I get it. You have come to the right place. 

Now is the chance to start again…

Sick of the merry go round?

I know what happens. You start strong with motivation and determination that this time will be different. It’s always the same though. You start off so well, lose some weight and then life happens. Some unexpected event, stress, upset, anything that knocks you out of routine and suddenly the grip you had has started to loosen. Foods that don’t support your journey are starting to creep back in again, the carbs are numbing you, and you quickly find yourself back where you started, or worse, with even more weight to lose than before.

Emotional eating is the number one cause of failed dieting.

It really doesn’t matter what diet plan you are on, if you don’t tackle the causes of emotional eating you are far more likely to regain any hard won weight loss.

I’ve seen it over and over again in my paid programs and with the thousands of women I have coached privately. Self sabotage and emotional eating are the biggest blockers to weight loss success and here is where the key to long term successful weight loss lies.

The Emotional Eating Solution program is my 3 phase program to tackle emotional eating and self sabotage. I normally run this program over 6 weeks and it includes written material, downloadable exercises, live coaching and membership of my exclusive private Facebook community. This program has transformed the life of every woman that has been through the steps and it can for you too.

BUT … I know how important it is to get a strong injection of motivation and determination. So I have condensed the mindset transformation lesson of the Emotional Eating Solution into EES Intensive. This is a 5 day mindset transformation program that delivers the key lessons of the Emotional Eating Solution but it’s on steroids. 

EES Intensive is set up to give you a massive mindset boost to kick your journey off on the right foot. We are going to have 5 days of live coaching, exercises and transformation. We are doing the work that we do in the Emotional Eating Solution but in a more intensive and focused setting to get you pumped up for your weight loss journey.

Join today for one time payment of $595 and save $120 or join today for $119 and then spread the cost over 5 x monthly payments of $119

Here is what you get

5 days to stop emotional eating

5 x 1 hour live coaching sessions

5 Days of mindset exercises

5 x daily mindset journals

And that’s not all

If you sign up for the Emotional Eating Solution Intensive you get automatic membership of the main Emotional Eating Solution program, which is a lifetime membership, and you will be invited to join the exclusive community. This amazing 2 for 1 deal will only be available for a short time so make sure you sign up today.

YES you read that right! Get the two programs for the price of 1!

If you join the EES Intensive you are automatically added to Emotional Eating Solution program where you can join in on the next live session. Remember that it is lifetime membership, no ongoing fees. 

Day 1

Decluttering your emotional baggage

We’re going to be diving deep and decluttering all of the emotional and mental baggage that we all carry with us. Imagine taking a deep lungful of salty sea air – that is what emotional decluttering feels like!

Day 2

Forgiveness and clearing

To follow on with our emotional decluttering you are going to learn the power and significance of forgiveness and how to let go of past hurts and negative experiences. Don’t let the simplicity of this step put you off. It’s incredibly powerful

Day 3

Self Limiting Beliefs

I have them, you have them and we use them as excuses to shy away from experiences that scare us and stop us living our full authentic lives because of fear. 

Day 4

Self Sabotage

You know you do it. What will shock you is the sheer amount of it that you do. You self sabotage your weight loss but also your relationships, career, financial health and much more. Clear this block and watch success in all areas of your life take off.

Day 5

Set Better Goals for 2021

I know you have goals for the new year but I am going to show you how to frame the goals in a way that is going to help you to stay motivated especially if results are slow. Setting better goals helps you stay on track and committed.

 The Schedule

DAY 1: Decluttering your emotions

Monday 17th of May 2021 @ 8pm CEST / 7pm Irl + UK/ 2pm New York / 11am Los Angeles

DAY 2: Forgiveness and clearing

Tuesday 18th of May 2021 @ 8pm CEST / 7pm Irl + UK/ 2pm New York / 11am Los Angeles

DAY 3: Self Limiting Beliefs

Wednesday 19th of May 2021 @ 8pm CEST / 7pm Irl + UK/ 2pm New York / 11am Los Angeles

DAY 4: Self Sabotage

Thursday 20th of May 2021 @ 8pm CEST / 7pm Irl + UK/ 2pm New York / 11am Los Angeles

DAY 5: Set Better Goals for 2021

Friday 21st of May 2021 @ 8pm CEST / 7pm Irl + UK/ 2pm New York / 11am Los Angeles

Join today for one time payment of $595 and save $100 or join today for $119 and then spread the cost over 5 more monthly payments of $119. Lifetime access and no ongoing fees.

Don’t worry if you can’t make any of these live calls, you won’t miss a thing.

The video recordings are available 24/7 for replay. This program is intensive but also designed to be revisited any time you feel like you need a boost in motivation and commitment to your journey.

This program is going to change your life and I don’t mean that lightly. You’re here for weight loss but you can apply the principles I teach here to any part of your life.

Learn how to release the resistance to long term weight loss. Clear your emotional eating forever and unblock yourself from receiving the weight loss success you deserve. Delivered over 5 days, this program is going to teach you how to identify, clear and forgive memories and emotions that are holding you back. This isn’t therapy, this isn’t reliving or rehashing experiences. This is about identifying them as sabotages and releasing them forever so you are free from emotional eating.

You don’t have to join all of the live calls, you will get 24/7 access to the playback

The Emotional Eating Solution Intensive is designed to be revisited again and again whenever you need a motivation or determination boost. When you feel your motivation is losing momentum come back to the lessons of the EES Intensive.

Join today for one time payment of $595 and save $120 or join today for $119 and then spread the cost over 5 x monthly payments of $119


Is this for me?

The EES Intensive is
NOT for you if:


You’re not ready to invest in yourself, financially and mentally. You’re not ready to put skin in the game


You aren’t willing to do the hard work


You don’t want to delve deep to shine a light into the dark places


You’re not ready to forgive and move on

The EES Intensive
is for you if:


You want to explore what you are “putting up with” in your life


You don’t know what your boundaries are


You are not happy with what are you giving yourself permission to be, do and have in your life


You are not happy with what are you settling for


When you join the Emotional Eating Solution Intensive, you not only get access to the main Emotional Eating Solution 6 Week Program. The programs lifetime membership is included but you will get all of the bonuses also worth more than $1500!

Mindful Hunger

Learn to know the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger
($495 value)

EFT Workshop

Emotional Freedom Technique

Learn how to successfully use EFT to stop emotional eating
($495 value)

Future You

Guided Meditation and Workbook

($295 value)

Cord Cutting

Guided Meditation
($295 value)

Self Sabotage Checklist

($75 value) 

Self Compassion Cheat Sheet

($75 value)

This is the emotional eating solution that everyone is talking about.

During the program we will tackle things like:

  • I’ve never been able to stick with a diet. Why do I keep sabotaging myself. AM I destined to be overweight forever? (You’re not. Trust me.)
  • What do I do if I have trouble visualising my goal?
  • How can I start seeing results now? I don’t want to wait a second longer.
  • What about if other people in my life keep bringing me down?
  • How do I get over feeling like I’m being selfish if I focus on myself?

… and much more than this.

You’ll emerge as an empowered woman who owns your true value, your authentic self and who commands the right over her own destiny. You will know yourself like never before and more importantly, know what you want and what you don’t.

Time and again I hear from the women who completed the program, how they’ve realised with stunning clarity: a confident and empowered woman can change the world. Join us today.

Please note that the 14 day money back guarantee does not apply to this program.


Here is what women are saying about
The Emotional Eating Solution


“Your bravery and honesty in the coaching calls set me on my own journey and helped me save my life. I can’t thank you enough”


“Christina, I am so lucky to have you in my life, I can’t begin to express how incredible this experience has been for me. I am unrecognizable from the shell of a woman I was before the Emotional Eating Solution” 


“You are an amazing person and have already changed so many lives and this program has completely changed me. I had no idea how badly I treated myself and how simple actions could change all of that. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this program”


“Mind set is absolutely everything and with your help and support we in the Emotional Eating Solution will be our best selves and free from mind games and struggles”


“I felt a little lost before but now I’m slowly using the tools you have given me in the Emotional Eating Solution and I realise that I’m capable of knowing what I need and I’m not afraid to ask for it”


“You don’t just teach, you show us by how you live too. You do what you teach us in the Emotional Eating Solution and face the fears and go forward because it is the right move for you. It makes me feel brave and like I can do it too”


“I really believe the Emotional Eating Solution program will impact women in a much wider and fundamental way than just focusing on food and what to eat”


“I only joined Facebook for this program. The Whole 360 program is beyond amazing..there are no words that do it justice!”


“Your authenticity in your coaching has always put you way ahead of all the other coaches…no matter what the topic is!  Thank you, Christina, this program has changed my life!”

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