The Emotional Eating Solution


Say goodbye to emotional eating and self sabotage forever

with Christina Oman

I’ve got you …

If you’re tired of the dieting rollercoaster, tired of obsessing about food, tired of feeling deprived BUT you want to lose weight and keep it off forever then …

The Emotional Eating Solution is the program for you!

YOU CAN JOIN TODAY! All the details are below.

In all of the years I have coached women to help them lose weight, Emotional Eating was the number one blocker to getting started on the journey to straight forward and permanent weight loss.

I created the Emotional Eating Solution program to get to the root cause of Emotional Eating, so that self sabotage (yes, Emotional Eating is a form of self sabotage) would no longer stand in the way.

It can be scary to begin looking at the causes for Emotional Eating but once you start to clear out your emotional clutter you will find is so easy to stay on track and keep the weight off when you lose it.

Without this work, it’s likely that you will continue the cycle of strict dieting, emotional eating and self-sabotage. Are you tired of it yet? 

Together we can end your yo-yo dieting!

Think about the number of stories you’ve read online, or influencers you’ve seen, who have lost a huge amount of weight only to regain again. Maybe they were lucky and didn’t regain everything, maybe they regained it all and are now starting their journey all over again. We’ve all seen it and felt the cold shiver of fear. “That could be me.”

It doesn’t have to be. I know because I’ve been there. My weight started to creep back up again and I knew that I had to do something about my emotional eating. I am a Ketogenic Nutritionist but I’m also a person on keto for weight loss, experiencing the same things you are. The piece of the jigsaw that was missing was WHY I had begun using carbs as an emotional crutch that led to my carb addiction. 

I knew I needed to tackle my emotional eating and carb addiction to stick to keto.

This is the work I had to do to face the deep dark places inside. You need to shine a light into that darkness to clean out the crap. I’m not talking about therapy, or rehashing things that happened to you over your life. You don’t get clean rolling around in the mud. This program will shine a light into the dark and give you the practical and effective tools you need to clear, unblock, unstick, release and forgive.


Enrolment is open for the Emotional Eating Solution. You get lifetime access with no ongoing fees. 

Transform your life in just 6 weeks

How it works

  • 6 weeks of learning and discovery material for a lifetime of transformation
  • Modules designed to help you work through your emotional eating step by step
  • Lifetime access to the program. Learning never stops!
  • Take your time – there is no ticking clock on your progress
  • Repeat the program as many times as you need to

The emotional eating solution PROVIDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO TRANSFORM YOUR EMOTIONAL EATING MINDSET so you can dramatically change your weight loss and finally have the results that you deserve.

This program is going to change your life and I don’t mean that lightly. You’re here for weight loss but you can apply the principles I teach here to any part of your life.

This Emotional Eating Solution is for anyone on a weight loss journey. No specific diet needed!

LEARN HOW TO RELEASE THE RESISTANCE TO LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS. Clear your emotional eating forever and unblock yourself from receiving the weight loss success you deserve.

Delivered over 6 weeks, this Emotional Eating Solution program is going to teach you how to identify, clear and forgive memories and emotions that are holding you back from allowing yourself the success you deserve. This isn’t therapy, this isn’t reliving or rehashing experiences. This is about identifying them as sabotages and releasing them forever so you are free from emotional eating.

This transformative program is made up of 6 Modules. Each Module contains 3 sections with information on how to completely transform your emotional and mental well-being. We start in by deconstructing your current thoughts and emotions, exploring the memories that moulded you into who you are today. Learn the power of forgiveness to clear and unblock. Moving forward I give you the tools to build a strong mental and emotional foundation. Finally we rebuild a stronger, more resilient, more confident you.

Module 1

Clearing out the clutter

In Module 1 I show you how to shine the light into the dark places in your heart and your mind to really see what is holding you back from weight loss success. Uncover memories that still have a strong emotional hold over your subconscious. Once you’ve identified the memory, thought or emotion I give you the powerful, life changing forgiveness tools you need to clear and unblock them so they have no hold over you in future.

Module 2

Get to know yourself

In Module 2 I guide you through your own history. We look at your origin stories, your self talk and the excuses you tell yourself when things don’t go the way you planned.

This section helps you to see how core beliefs and family mottos gave you your current set of morals, beliefs and how they add to your success blocks and self sabotages.

Module 3

self sabotage

Do you know all the ways that you sabotage yourself? If you are an Emotional Eater then you are sabotaging yourself. Not everyone who sabotages themselves is an Emotional Eater but nearly everyone has self sabotages. 

Identifying these sabotages clears the way for, not only weight loss success, but success in life, career, relationships, money and health.

Module 4

Building Stronger Mindset

Module 4 kicks off with an epic lesson in boundaries. Why? I want to teach you how to protect yourself and your energy so that you have some left over to take care of YOU!

Lacking energy is a big problem when you are trying to lose weight. It makes it easier to fall back on your excuses and sabotage your hard won success.

Module 5

Motivation tools

Module 5 will teach you how to set goals that actually motivate you and keep you accountable to yourself every day. Learn how to coach yourself so that you can use these tools in your everyday life to make changes that actually work in real life situations. 

Learn how to accept what is and let go of any expectations you had about your weight loss journey.

Module 6

Better life building

In the final Module, 6, I will take you through the quickest way to manage your mindset so that you don’t slip back into bad habits once the program is finished. 

I take you through my No.1 strategy for having a happier, more fulfilled life without having to spend hours a day on self development or self care. This program is not about changing who you are, it’s about identifying your strengths and working towards maximising them.


Emotional EAting Solution for life

 You will have lifetime access to the program. Every time a live round is hosted, you will have automatic access including new and updated materials, new videos and all of the live coaching. Join and pay once, no ongoing fees.

What does the program include?

Here’s a look at what is inside


Each section has downloadable material to read, a downloadable journal to do any exercises or write down your thoughts.

More than $1000 worth of bonus worksheets, exercises and printable motivational quotes. 


Each Module has a welcome video to help you get started.

Each section has a short coaching video that compliments the material inside.

2 Bonus Workshop Replays are also part of the program.  

Life Journey

The Emotional Eating Solution is a lifetime access program.

This means you get access to the program for life, including updates and new material.

All of this with no ongoing fees. 

What is the Emotional Eating Solution?

The Emotional Eating Solution is a revolutionary Emotional Eating Solution program that helps uncover the memories, thoughts and emotions that lead to self-sabotage. It was designed for people on weight loss journeys but participants have said that they applied it to all areas of their lives and truly transformed themselves. This program doesn’t exist anywhere else. No weight loss coaching teaches in depth, how to stop emotional eating and self sabotage.  

Is the Emotional Eating Solution counselling?

No! In the Emotional Eating Solution program you are given the tools to explore, in private, your self-sabotages and why you do them. Once you have uncovered what is holding you back you will learn how to unblock, clear and forgive and stop self-sabotaging forever. You’re free to share your revelations in the safe and private Facebook community and in our coaching sessions. It’s not a one stop solution though so make sure you have other support systems in place.

How is the Emotional Eating Solution delivered?

The program is made up of written material and videos. Your material and bonuses are in the Emotional Eating Solution portal. As soon as you join you will get access to the portal. Then, every week you will get new material. This gives you plenty of time to do the work. But don’t worry if you don’t, there is no behind in this program. As you will learn, it’s something that you can repeat again and again forever.


You get over $1000 worth of exclusive bonuses including additional courses, meditations, visualisations and books.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

BONUS 1:Mindful Hunger

(Value: $249)

Not sure if you are really hungry or if that hunger is emotional? With Mindful Hunger you are going to learn how to get back in touch with real hunger and how to know when it’s emotional so you can manage it without eating. A beautiful complimentary course to really solidify the end of your Emotional Eating.


(Value: $197)

Enjoy my in-depth audio visualisations as I talk you through how to let go and embrace your new mindset. Complete with read along sheets, these visualizations include Cord Cutting (for forgiveness and releasing past hurts) and The Future You. These are powerful audios that take your learning and reflection deeper into your subconscious and strengthen your connection to yourself.

BONUS 3: Extra Worksheets

(Value: $129)

Get these extra 7 worksheets to help you get the most out of your experience in the program. The worksheets expand and complement the work that you will be doing in the program. They are downloadable so you can reprint them over and over.

BONUS 4: EFT Workshop Replay Video

(Value: $249)

Learn exactly how EFT works and how to get the best results by watching this video guide replay. See how I apply EFT to my everyday life and how to use it to interrupt deeply embedded habits in your daily life.

11 $BONUS 5: Meditation Workshop Replay Video

(Value: $249)

Join our resident meditation expert as she guides you through some simple meditations and learn the basics of this incredibly powerful practice. Rewatch this one hour workshop as many times as you need to and build that meditation practice muscle.

That’s well over $1300 worth of mindset, self sabotage and emotional eating course work, and other materials to support the transformation of mindset, and these bonuses are ONLY available when you join right now.

Plus, I have to tell you, once you’re in the Emotional Eating Solution, you’re a VIP. You’ll be showered with gifts and surprises the entire time you’re a part of my community — just because I love my community so much!

Total value of the program $1500 PLUS Bonus value of $1300.


Why should I do the Emotional Eating Solution program?

If you have spent extraordinary amounts of time thinking about food, controlling food, weighing food, feeling bad about food or eating, feeling shame or embarrassment about food or eating then this is the program for you. End Emotional Eating, Yo-Yo dieting, Self Sabotage and free yourself from the mental strain of thinking about your diet 24/7. Enjoy the weight loss process and give yourself the best possible chance of keeping the weight off forever.

What if I don’t like it?

I’m pretty sure you’ll love it, but if not no worries at all, because I have an iron-clad guarantee that makes this a 100% no risk investment.

If, after two weeks in the Emotional Eating Solution, you decide that it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your investment no questions asked, no hard feelings, nothing but well wishes. That’s how confident I am in the quality of this program!

I want you to feel so freaking good about making this investment in yourself and your future, though. So if you try it out and it isn’t for you, then nothing is lost.

Join now and feel confident in your decision with my 14-Day guarantee

It’s my life’s mission to make sure that every woman is as successful as she can be at what she does and top of this list is weight loss. I’m a Ketogenic Nutritionist specialising in weight loss because I’m passionate about helping women be the awesome goddesses I know they are and often overweight women dim their light and hide behind their bodies. By helping you lose weight, gain confidence and energy I know your light is going to shine bright and you’re going to make a brand new life for yourself.

Take the torch and shine the light. Come out of the darkness goddess, take a deep breath and release all of those things that you’ve been dragging with you, weighing you down and holding you back from living the life I know you deserve.


Is this for me?

The program is
NOT for you if:


You’re not ready to invest in yourself, financially and mentally. You’re not ready to put skin in the game


You aren’t willing to do the hard work


You don’t want to delve deep to shine a light into the dark places


You’re not ready to forgive and move on

The program
is for you if:


You want to explore what you are “putting up with” in your life


You don’t know what your boundaries are


You are not happy with what are you giving yourself permission to be, do and have in your life


You are not happy with what are you settling for

There’s never been a better time for you to start changing your mindset and start seeing real success in your weight loss, and yes, even enjoying the process!

Here is what women are saying about the

Emotional Eating Solution


“Your bravery and honesty in the coaching calls set me on my own journey and helped me save my life. I can’t thank you enough”


“Christina, I am so lucky to have you in my life, I can’t begin to express how incredible this experience has been for me. I am unrecognizable from the shell of a woman I was before the Emotional Eating Solution” 


“You are an amazing person and have already changed so many lives and this program has completely changed me. I had no idea how badly I treated myself and how simple actions could change all of that. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this program”


“Mind set is absolutely everything and with your help and support we in the Emotional Eating Solution will be our best selves and free from mind games and struggles”


“I felt a little lost before but now I’m slowly using the tools you have given me in the Emotional Eating Solution and I realise that I’m capable of knowing what I need and I’m not afraid to ask for it”


“You don’t just teach, you show us by how you live too. You do what you teach us in the Emotional Eating Solution and face the fears and go forward because it is the right move for you. It makes me feel brave and like I can do it too”


“I really believe the Emotional Eating Solution program will impact women in a much wider and fundamental way than just focusing on food and what to eat”


“I only joined Facebook for this program. The Emotional Eating Solution program is beyond amazing..there are no words that do it justice!”


“Your authenticity in your coaching has always put you way ahead of all the other coaches…no matter what the topic is!  Thank you, Christina, this program has changed my life!”

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