Game changing weight loss

I have taken all of the missing pieces of the weight loss puzzle and put them together to create the Protein Priority Diet. This program doesn’t exist anywhere else. Fix your metabolism, reverse negative metabolic adaptation (NMA) and lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

Quick fix diets don’t work. It’s time to try Protein Priority.

Not ready to join yet? Check out the free resources below.

Free Programs to get you started

Protein Priority Keto 

Curious about Protein Priority Keto? Download this free one page cheat sheet on how to eat a Protein Priority Keto diet. This is NOT a high protein plan but a fully ketogenic way of eating the prioritises the most important macro for health and satiety. 

Emotional eating live coaching replay

Watch the replay of this live coaching session were we dive deep into emotional eating. Sometimes, it's not about the food, it's just what we do to avoid feelings we don't want to face.

metabolism recovery guide

If you are a chronic dieter, an expert in restricting calories, fat and protein but not able to lose weight then this 7 Step Metabolic Recovery Guide is where you need to start.

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