Mindful Hunger


with Christina Oman

Struggling with emotional eating?

Are you tired of constantly feeling overwhelmed by cravings? Do you struggle to stick to healthy eating habits, only to find yourself reaching for junk food at the end of a long day?

If so, it’s time to take a step back and start paying more attention to what you’re really hungry for.

Relearn what hunger feels like | take control of your eating

Emotional Eating is the number one blocker to straight forward and permanent weight loss. Maybe you are not ready to dive into your Emotional Eating but you are ready to learn when you are feeling real hunger so you can decide whether or not to eat.

I created Mindful Hunger to help you reconnect with your body and it’s signals. It tells you what you need, all you have to do is listen.

By learning whether you are feeling real hunger or one of the other 9 types of emotional hunger, you can start to make better choices on your weight loss journey.

Without this work, it’s likely that you will continue the cycle of strict dieting, emotional eating and self-sabotage. Are you tired of it yet? 

You can reconnect with your body today!

Mindful Hunger is all about developing a more conscious and intentional relationship with food. It’s about learning to listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cues, understanding the impact of different foods on your health and well-being, and developing a healthy, sustainable relationship with food that nourishes both your body and soul.


Get the program now and start today.

Relearn hunger, starting today

How it works

  • 130+ page downloadable eBook guide 
  • 5 Modules designed to help you relearn your hunger cues step by step
  • Bonus exercises and material to help you be successful
  • Free Mindful Hunger Journal 
  • 2 audio guided meditations, read by me

Mindful Hunger PROVIDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET STARTED YOUR EMOTIONAL EATING MINDSET journey. Sticking to your eating plan will be so much more straight forward and you can dramatically change your weight loss and finally have the results that you deserve.

Module 1

Introduction to Mindfulness

In Module 1 we are introduced to mindfulness. Not in an airy fairy abstract sense. I break down what mindfulness really means and how in just a few minutes a day, you can use this tool to transform your relationship with food and why you eat.

Module 2

Mindful Hunger

In Module 2 I guide you through what Mindful Hunger means, how we can use it to aid weight loss and enjoy better digestion and health as a happy side effect. 

Mindful Hunger is not an abstract concept. You can learn to feel real, nutritional hunger.

Module 3

LET’s look back

Do you know all the ways that you were conditioned by your environment, your culture and your family life around food? In Module 3, I help you identify where you are just eating out of habit, conditioning, or following unconscious “rules” from childhood. 

We also dive deep on your dieting history and how that impacts your relationship with hunger.

Module 4

exploring hunger

Module 4 tackles hunger and the 9 different types of hunger and how to identify them. 

This module gives you the tools to stop eating out of habit or for emotional reasons. 

Learn how anxiety, excitement, discomfort or phobias can be driving you to eat when you are not hungry. 

Module 5


Module 5 will teach you how to know when to stop eating. It’s great to know when you are really hungry for nutrition but this module is going to light your weight loss journey on fire.

Learn how to stop before you get too full. Learn how to recognise satiety AND what to do if you often overeat and are not sure how much food you should have. 

The 3 bonus satiety exercises cement this lesson forever!

Module 6

exclusive bonus material

And the learning just keeps coming. 

With more than $370 worth of bonuses including:

  •  Printable Mindful Hunger Journal
  • The Beat Before You Eat exercise checklist
  • Printable Satiety Tracker
  • Hunger Tracking Journal
  • 2 Bonus audio guided meditations read by me

Everything you need to reconnect yourself with your body and your hunger.

There’s never been a better time for you to start changing your mindset and start seeing real success in your weight loss, and yes, even enjoying the process!

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