Protein Priority Diet™️

Rapid weight loss program

with Christina Oman

Ready to lose weight? 

Nutritionist designed for safe rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss…

Weight loss that works without restriction, giving you the freedom to enjoy your life. Losing weight shouldn’t mean depriving yourself of wholesome, tasty and exciting food. With Protein Priority Diet, you will get that freedom.

Protein Priority Diet is designed to help you succeed long term. No other weight loss program teaches you how to maintain your weight loss WHILE you lose weight. This means that when you get to your goal weight you’re practically guaranteed to stay there. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting forever. 

Built on a scientifically proven weight loss program to give you the best nutrition, this robust plan has been proven to be successful over and over again by members. Lose up to 15lbs* in your first month alone! The Protein Priority Diet delivers a personalised and tailor made weight loss plan made just for you. This is not a generic plan.


Since switching to a high protein diet in July of 2020 I have lost 80lbs/36kg. My A1C has been perfect the last 3 times they checked it. 5.5 twice and the one last week was 5.4. 

My doctor was so happy with me, I was taken off my insulin. Although I am still on some medications I am confident that I will come off them soon as long as I continue to prioritse protein.

Cindy Osborne

As a middle-aged man, the Protein Priority diet has really been working well for me over the last few months.

I have lost 11 pounds and also inches off my waist, neck and thighs.

Previously, the traditional Keto diet helped me lose a lot of weight, but I eventually got to a point where it just didn’t work no matter how much I cut calories.

The Protein Priority Diet has gotten me back on track again. My body is fully satiated from all of the protein, and I’m actually able to eat more calories and still lose weight.

I believe that this diet is what my stubborn body needed to begin to lose weight at a safe rate without feeling deprived.

Craig Murphy

Are you ready to take control?

By following the Protein Priority Diet™️ Rapid Weight Loss Program you are going to learn what to feed your body based on its needs without restricting what you can eat. You will learn how to make the best choices for your desired weight loss. By making protein the base of your diet, you get superior nutrition, optimising your health as you lose weight.

In the program membership I will teach you how to eat properly for your body, no trying to wait out hunger.

You will learn how to use protein to not only lose weight but keep you satisfied so you eat less but still maintain a healthy metabolism.

You can eat whatever you want in the program, no restrictions as long as it fits into your program and supports your health. Such FREEDOM!

The language is easy to follow, no complicated science. There are no meal plans provided in this program because meal plans set you up to fail.

I will teach you how to come up with the best meal plan to suit YOUR body, YOUR life and YOUR needs.

✔︎ No Gimmicks

✔︎ No Restrictive Meal Plans – Eat What You Want

✔︎ No Hunger

Start today for just $20 per month. Less than $1 per day!! This program is the most affordable weight loss plan on the market that gives the best results. 

How the plan works

30 Day Calorie Cut Cycle©

When you join the Protein Priority Diet you will go into your first 30 Day Calorie Cut Cycle. This is 30 days of a lower calorie allowance than your daily needs. This does a number of things besides accelerating weight loss. It’s been proved scientifically that eating less helps you live longer! Who doesn’t want to be a healthy, slim and active octogenarian? During the 30 Day Calorie Cut Cycle you can lose up to 15lbs*

Bridging Weeks©

We call this Reverse Dieting and it’s another scientifically proven concept that protects your metabolism from the devastating effects of long term dieting including hair loss and a slow metabolism. Reverse dieting teaches you to maintain your weight by eating more calories than you did in your 30 Day Calorie Cut Cycle.

Repeating the 30 Day Calorie Cut Cycle and Bridging Weeks until you get to your goal weight means that by the end of your journey you know exactly how much and what to eat to maintain your new healthy weight forever. The Protein Priority Diet is the end of yo-yo dieting and short term success.

Say goodbye to dieting forever.

Payment options to suit you

I started this program reluctantly. I was against tracking my food and reducing calories. I had done it before and it hadn’t worked.

I hovered over the link to join for about two days. I clicked because something needed to change. My weight was going up no matter what I ate. I promised myself to stick to it for 30 days.

Today I stepped on the scale and stared at the number in disbelief. 7.2 lbs/3.3 kg lost in a week. If this hesitant Protein Priority Diet member can do it, anyone can.

Karen Erikson

Something that isn’t explained properly is that if you are wanting to lose fat you need to not eat fat. I was having these fat heavy meals under the guise of keto and not losing a thing. I never really lost weight.

The importance of protein was never spoken about, just a huge emphasis on carbs. I was eating practically zero carb but not losing any weight. I was so frustrated.

Switching to the Protein Priority Diet™️ helped me learn about how my body deals with stuff, so when I’m maintaining I’ll be able to keep at the weight I want by tweaking what I’m eating day to day. 

I feel now that because of PPD, I actually can reach my goal more than I ever have before. And I’m enjoying food, but it’s not the centre of my world anymore. And not only that but I feel that I can manage my weight more.

So far I have lost 39 lbs/17.7kg on Protein Priority Diet™️ in my first month.


Samantha Keen

VIP Membership Option

Do you feel like you need more? More attention, more accountability and more support?

The Protein Priority Diet VIP Membership is now available so that I can personally support you in your weight loss journey.

The VIP membership is for 3 months at a time because, honestly, anything less wouldn’t be enough to establish a great coaching relationship.

See the details below.

VIP Membership

Already a member?

Are you already a member of Protein Priority Diet and want more personalised support?

The Protein Priority Diet Private Session add is the solution for you. Get suport when and how you need it without a long term commitment.

You Get :
  • 1 x 1 hour private coaching session with me
  • 2 x 15 minute accountability sessions after the call
  • Get your macros calculated for you
  • 3 follow up emails/messenger support

All for just $120. Get it now.

Please note that you must already be a member to book the private session.

Program Plans to suit you

The Protein Priority Diet™️ Chronic Illness plan

is for you if:


You suffer with a chronic illness


You have issues with digestion, bloating, joint pain without being diagnosed with an illness


You have food sensitivites or suspect you might have issues with certain foods.


You have blood sugar issues, fertility issues, high blood pressure etc. that can be improved with diet

The Protein Priority Diet™️ Carb Addict Plan

is for you if:


You have a history of binge eating and not being able to control portion sizes


You have blood sugar control issues and want to stop eating so many carbs


You are ready to find a way of eating that doesn’t revolve around carbs but keeps you full


You want to quit sugar and sweet foods forever

The Protein Priority Diet™️ Liberal Plan

is for you if:


You have weight to lose but don’t have any chronic illness or health issues


You long to have more variety in your diet including fresh fruit and honey


You don’t have any issues controlling portion sizes or overeating carbs and have no history of eating disorders


You want freedom and flexibility without risking slow weight loss or regain

Membership Details

Protein Priority Diet™️ Manual that is CONTINUALLY refreshed and updated

1 hour live Q&A coaching sessions with me

3 Plans to choose from depending on your own body

Support of the private and exclusive  community


Get Expert Support

Nutritionist and Coach Christina Oman knows the program inside and out, she designed it based on her own personal experience of losing more than 47kg (100 pounds) and keeping it off. The membership subscription is designed with you in mind. It gives you access to the latest developments in nutrition through a continuously updated program.

Coach Christina runs a weekly live Q&A session that is open to everyone to participate in. There are regular extra coaching sessions, the topics of which are chosen by members to give YOU the specific support you need. There is a private, members only, platrom, mentoring support to new joiners and the accountability of a caring and motivating community. You are scientifically more likely to be successful if you are part of a like minded community.

Learn to eat like a naturally slim person while you lose weight and enjoy your food

How they do it

Your Coach and Nutritionist Christina Oman spent years observing how naturally slim people eat. Not only do they instinctively control their portion sizes, they decide how much of something they will eat beforehand and stick to it no matter how tempting it is to continue eating.

When they choose to indulge, they cut back for a few days afterwards to compensate. None of this is rocket science but some of us either lack the instinct or have never been shown how to do this.

The Protein Priority Diet teaches you how to eat like this whilst you lose weight.

The Protein Priority Diet gives you the freedom to choose what you want to eat.

You can choose to combine your high protein diet with moderate fat or moderate carb and you can switch between the two any time.

This flexibility gives you the freedom to enjoy birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Organise your Bridging Weeks© to coincide with Christmas, Passover, vacations or other periods where you don’t want to be restricted.

Then come straight back into a 30 Day Calorie Cut Cycle© to get the weight moving again. This method of reverse dieting is how you lose weight and keep it off. 

together we will get you there

Payment options to suit you

Why the plan works

Protein is the most important thing you can eat. Whether you’re full on carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian or vegan you need protein to be as healthy as possible.

Protein also helps weight loss. In fact, a high protein diet is far superior than any other weight loss plan including bariatric surgery.

Protein fills you up, controls your appetite, is nutritious and delicious. Multiple studies demonstrate higher protein intake helps with weight loss, specifically fat mass loss which is good news.

If keto stopped working for you, you have plateaued, suffered from hair loss then this is the diet for you. If you are eating OMAD and not losing weight I will tell you why and how to get the scale moving again. 

You can stay on your keto plan, just switch to Protein Priority Diet Keto!

Intermittent fasting got you down, you’re hungry all the time or you cannot seem to fill yourself then this plan is for you.

Join the membership community today for starting from just $20 per month and enjoy all of the benefits of the membership program.


Live Coaching with Christina Oman

Weekly Live Q&A Coaching Sessions 

The video recordings are available 24/7 for replay throughout your access period. This program is intensive but I want you to feel like you have the support of your coach and mentor.

You can ask a question on the program page and it will be answered. You will not be left guessing and trying to muddle through.

You’re here for weight loss and I know that it can be a frustrating process. I am here to make it easier. Follow this proven weight loss roadmap.

together we will get you there


The Protein Priority Diet™️ is for you if:

  • You have excess weight that you want to lose
  • You have tried every other diet out there and you either didn’t lose weight or didn’t keep it off
  • You have had bariatric surgery and were told to eat a high protein diet
  • You have a chronic illness
  • You are ready to try a proven weight loss plan. I did it, it works! 

I have completed 30 days without binge eating. I have a history of distorted relationships with food so this is an amazing achievement.

I have exhausted myself emotionally, mentally and physically over the years, chasing some sort of control.

The conflicting nutritional views growing all around, had me in turmoil. The idea of protein being the priority macro not fat went against the grain of everything previously read and practised. I didn’t know who to believe”.

Christina’s email about the Protein Priority Diet™️ programme hit my in box at the right time. I am so glad I gave it a go.

Thank you. I am not naive enough to know it is very early days for me but I am starting to believe finally it’s possible.

Weight loss from my first 30 days is 16.1 lbs/7.3kg

Dawn Evans

I have just hopped on the scales and I have lost 17 lbs/7.7kg in my first 30 Day Calorie Cut Cycle.

I’ve joined up for the 6 month membership because, even though I feel incredibly strong and focused and motivated and hopeful, I’ve never learned how to live continuously wisely.

I’m 57 next week so that’s a lot of years of mixed messages from the food and health industry.  I’m creating new neural pathways by thinking differently but I want them to go much deeper and for this way to become my autopilot way of being.

I have 32 lbs more to go . . . . . but, for now, I’m enjoying the lightness in my spirit and feeling giddy with excitement.

Rachel Mozley

Rapid weight loss…

Whether you are new to weight loss, stuck in a plateau that doesn’t seem to end or want a quick solution to fit into the outfit you picked out for your birthday party. It doesn’t matter.

You don’t need to have done any particular diet before, you don’t need to know keto, carnivore or any other high protein diets. This one is unique, easy to follow and gives amazing results, quickly.

How do I know? I did it myself and lost 15lbs/6.8kg* in 30 days.


*Results are not guaranteed

*Results are not guaranteed.

NOTICE: This is a membership program. When you join, you are subscribing to a payment plan that you can cancel with 7 days notice by email. When you request cancellation of your subscription you will immediately lose access to the program and the private members’ club. All of the details of how to cancel will be given to you in the program.

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