Who is Christina?

Ketogenic Nutritionist for Metabolic Health

Christina Oman is the Ketogenic Nutritionist at the forefront of applied Ketogenic Metabolic Nutritional Therapy with a focus on Protein Priority and quality nutrition. Through her work with hundreds of people, she knows that prioritising protein is the key to lessen hunger and making eating keto a breeze.

She helps people all over the world with her metabolic program the Protein Priority Diet™️ Keto Bootcamp and mindset work in Emotional Eating Solution. She also runs a busy clinic in Geneva, Switzerland.

Her work on social media and extensive YouTube library teaches what weight loss looks like in real life. She has lived this journey herself, losing more than 100 lbs/46 kg herself, she knows what it takes. She herself is an obesity survivor.

Her programs Protein Priority Diet™️ Keto Bootcamp and Emotional Eating Solution© program have helped hundreds of  people from all around the world accelerate their weight loss and stop emotional eating and self sabotage forever.

From Dublin, Ireland she’s living and working in Geneva, Switzerland. She’s learning to ski but still looks like a newborn giraffe on the slopes.

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Let’s get real

Yes I’ve lost more than 100lbs and yes I’ve kept it off for more than 4 years. Aren’t I special?!


Even though I lead a huge community working on their weight loss goals and coach large groups of people on the internet, I’m also a real person. I have to work on this stuff all the time. Every. Single. Day. I don’t get a free pass just because I teach this stuff. I’m a normal person, just like you (maybe with more shoes) but I have my off days too. 

I’m passionate about changing lives. And one extremely important way of doing that is by showing people how to live up to their full potentials and see how amazing life can be when they get to their best health and weight and stop self sabotaging and get out of their own way!

“My role in the world is to help everyone live amazing lives by helping them lose weight and transform their mindset.”

I’m teaching people weight loss with the Protein Priority Diet and how to stop sabotaging that weight loss by clearing out the emotional clutter with Emotional Eating Solution. I call out the bullsh*t they tell themselves about how much success and happiness they deserve. You can BE, DO and HAVE anything you want in your life, when you get out of your own way.

I’m not a toxic positivity type coach. I won’t tell you all you have to is “try harder” to lose weight, “feel better” or “be happier”. I’m a real coach, that has the lived experience of being morbidly obese and doing the weight loss journey. That means that I’ll call you out on your crappy excuses and make you question everything you think know about yourself.

You are NOT who people say you are, you are who YOU say you are. Do you know that person yet? No? Then you’re in the right place. 

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