What are the best high protein foods?
August 23, 2021

There is no escaping it, people are moving away from the keto diet and moving to eating high protein foods as a fast and easy way to lose weight. I have been saying this for years! You can choose to burn the fat on your body or the fat on your plate by reducing the amount of fat you eat and increasing your protein. Other well known keto advocates like Diet Doctor are changing their advice. They are now recommending people to pack in more high protein foods and eat less fat to lose weight. I am going to tell you what are the best high protein foods for weight loss so you too can see results quickly.

Teaching high protein, moderate fat and low carb for weight loss

In my membership program Protein Priority Diet© we use protein as the magic macro for weight loss. I learned the importance of high protein very early on in my weight loss journey. By dialling the fat right back I was able to lose weight faster. If you go back to my older “how to” videos you will see that I always advocated for high protein foods, moderate fat and low carb. It’s the best way to lose weight in my opinion.

Dialing the fat back and eating high protein sounds simple enough. However, when you have been eating a high fat keto diet for a long time, it can take practice to get the ratio right. You should be eating 1kg of protein per pound of ideal body weight. For me that is 125g of protein a day. It sounds like a lot but when you consider that even vegetables have protein, it’s easier to see where it adds up from

What are the best high protein foods?

So what are the best high protein foods to eat then? Foods with the highest protein percentage and the lowest fat content are the best high protein foods to eat for weight loss. Dialling back the fat is the key to losing weight on a high protein diet. Like I have always said, you can eat the fat your body uses for calories or you can use the fat on your body. It’s a choice.

Getting more protein

To eat a high protein diet, you need to choose the best high protein foods. Luckily most high protein foods are tasty and delicious and packed with nutrients. Considering that you also need to eat lower fat, the best high protein foods are lean meat and fish. You can add protein everywhere from putting collagen in your coffee or putting a couple of extra egg whites in your scrambled eggs in the morning. If you are having a hard time adding protein try making a whey protein isolate (low carb AND low fat) shake at home. 

The best high protein foods to the worst

Choose the best high protein food

You can see from the graphic, there is a sliding scale of which are the best high protein foods to what are the least high foods. Usually you trade the protein for carbs or fat. So potatoes are low in protein but very high in carbs. Butter is low in protein but very high in fat. In order to pick the best high protein foods, go for those that are low in fat and low in carbs.

How I eat more protein

It can be hard to get used to switching. I didn’t notice it because I did it incrementally about 6 months into my original keto journey. In fact, when I went back over my food diaries and my old videos, I can see that I haven’t eaten conventional keto (high fat, moderate protein, low carb) in more than 4 years. Since then protein has been the macro I turn to for fat loss. 

If you want to learn how to switch to protein for faster weight loss you can join my membership program Protein Priority Diet©. Come and join the hundreds of people already losing weight consistently without hunger. It’s the new weight loss revolution!

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