Why pay for this program?
April 26, 2021

“Why pay for this program when there is So Much Great FREE Information and Amazing ‘Virtual Mentors’ on YouTube?”

I was asked this question this morning via DM and I thought it was a fantastic question. It’s one that I wanted to share with you because it makes sense, right? Why pay for this program when you can simply get on Google or YouTube and watch all of the free content. Why pay for this program when I have loads of free videos myself?

So much free stuff

It’s true, there are a lot of great people out there and so much quality content offering free advice on YouTube. I wholeheartedly encourage you to find one or two of these ‘virtual mentors’ to help you in your weight loss journey and mindset management. I myself have loads of free video, blog and social media content just waiting for you to explore. You could spend MONTHS going through all of the great, free content out there.

Why pay for this program?

I have 3 great reasons why you should pay for this program, especially if you have ALREADY tried to go it alone and didn’t know where to start. Or you consumed everything out there, watched every video, took their advice, and mine too and still didn’t get anywhere.

This is because the free content is limited in its ability to move your weight loss forward for these reasons:

A Video Offers Advice – not Feedback

When you pay to get into a program like the Emotional Eating Solution, you get access to a community who can give you feedback. Get advice on everything you work on and everything you do within your journey – a video can’t provide these valuable insights. A video won’t be able to support you through your lows and celebrate your highs with you. My community does that, a video won’t.

Great Advice is not always the Right Advice!

Emotional Eating and Self Sabotage journeys go through different phases. While there are certainly no-fail strategies that can work really well, knowing how and when to implement them is an art that will save you time, effort and money.

On the flip-side, not knowing when or how to adopt these strategies will lead to overwhelm and cause you to feel stuck, and can destroy your mindset. 

Your emotional eating coach knows you, your self-sabotages and your goals, so can help you understand when to implement certain strategies. I can guide you in adapting them to your lifestyle. Saving you hours, weeks or even months of trial and error – not to mention saving you from weight gain and a lot of frustration!

No Accountability 

There are two reasons why we do things. We do what we love – spending time with friends, reading, art etc. Then we do what we are being held accountable for – like emptying the dishwasher, my most hated chore second only to laundry, things we need accountability to do.

As the owner of your journey you are accountable only to yourself. As you’ve probably already experienced, this often leads us to us getting caught up doing things that are not really important. Instead of remaining laser-focused on the activities that really move the needle in your journey. This is where your emotional eating coach is invaluable, in helping you stay focused and consistent in your journey.

Do all the free stuff too!

I encourage you all to work getting to the bottom of your emotional eating. By understanding yourself by reading books and watching expert videos every day. Read blog posts that explain your issues and give tips on how to solve them like this one.

But this is only part of the puzzle. Without a clear plan and support to help you consistently, or put this plan into action, your success will always be limited. 

I personally learned this lesson the hard way. My weight loss journey was a success on paper – I got consistent results and close to my goal weight. It was hard work though and trying to keep it off, keep my life in balance, or achieving personal growth was hard. I felt stuck. As a result I was not happy and I started to show the warning signs of a burn-out. This meant the danger of putting all of the weight back on. I knew I had to do the work on myself to get myself out of that danger zone.

Even coaches have a coach

Even before I pivoted my business to mindset work, I’ve never been without a coach. I’ve seen a huge difference in my health and wellbeing. My ability to perform at the highest levels, and my results. 

And that’s why I became a mindset coach myself. I can use not only all of my years of study and real-life experience to help other women get the success they dream of but also to help them understand that it’s only when we have the courage to be our true-selves that we really experience meaningful success. 

No video will help you achieve and maintain that position. Nor will it be there to celebrate your success alongside you : ) I am a really good cheerleader!!

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