I was wrong
August 16, 2021

I was wrong and I am here to set the record straight. I was wrong about a lot of things, I was wrong to go from one thing to another without finding a middle ground. I was wrong to think that keto was the answer to everything. I was wrong about the way my community needed me. I was wrong and I am making it right.

When Things Changed

At the end of 2020 I decided I was going to give up weight loss coaching, teaching keto, carnivore and low carb diets. I thought my mission lay elsewhere, with helping women specifically with their emotional eating issues. At this point I had been running my Keto Bootcamp for about 2 years. We had done amazing work and seen some fantastic results but the issue that kept cropping up over and over was mindset. Actually sticking to the program was the hard part. 

I knew I could help because I had faced these issues myself and more importantly had overcome the vast majority of my emotional eating triggers. Having done tens of thousands of dollars worth of coaching, programs, courses and read hundreds of books I knew what worked. I knew the best tools out there and how to apply them specifically to emotional eating and I knew that I needed to bring this to the world.

I Was Wrong

To answer this request for help I created the Emotional Eating Solution. This 6 weeks live coaching program was created to deal with and clear out the root causes of emotional eating and self sabotage. It was wildly effective and still is to this day. In fact, as I am writing this I have just finished the Week 4 call for the current live round and we had more breakthroughs for some of our members. 

I want this for everyone who is on a weight loss journey. It’s essential in a way I struggle to articulate. It’s the reason why more than 95% of bariatric patients regain all of their weight within the first 5 years, it’s why slimming clubs keep us coming back, unable to ever really stop the programs. It keeps us stuck  in a cycle of eating, losing weight, sabotaging, eating and regaining and then back into losing weight

The Middle Ground

Over the last 6 months, it became more and more clear to me that, actually, I should be doing both. I need to do both. There are so many men and women out there that really need help with weight loss, and need to learn the right way to safely lose weight from someone who is not only qualified as a nutritionist and health coach but has also done the same journey and lost a lot of weight. 

In the last 6 weeks, before writing this post, I saw a huge spike in the number of men and women coming to ask me to coach them on high protein, keto or low carb diets. They were asking me to launch Kickstart Keto Bootcamp again, make the Weight Loss Accelerator program available and to teach the high protein diet that I have used in the last few months to lose weight.

The Announcement

Last week I got on YouTube for this live stream to explain what was happening and my thought process behind it. I said sorry then and I am saying it again. I was wrong and I hope you can forgive me. Now I don’t necessarily believe I was wholly wrong, I have seen the epic transformations in the Emotional Eating Solution BUT again that was only a part of the puzzle. I needed to find a way to do both. To teach low carb, keto, carnivore and high protein weight loss strategies, coach and mentor and also coach for mindset and emotional eating.

What Happens Now

Keto Christina won’t be resurrected as such. I prefer to work under my new branding because I have learned how to lose weight effectively by doing keto, carnivore, low carb and high protein diets. I know that by teaching all of them, there are solutions for everyone. 

The simple fact is that keto doesn’t suit everyone. Especially women who are suffering from infertility or looking to get pregnant. It’s also for anyone who suffers from insomnia on keto or who has experienced weight loss. The same with carnivore, it just doesn’t work for some people especially for weight loss. High protein is probably the most universally effective way to lose weight safely and my new program teaches how. 

The New Program

Protein Priority Diet©  is my own program. It teaches you how to lose weight using a high protein diet combined with either moderate fat or moderate carb. It’s suitable for the vast majority of people. That is because, unlike keto, you don’t have to be super restrictive with carbs. Carbs are protein sparing and protect muscle when used correctly. You don’t have to “get the fats in”. This is an approach which can be unpalatable for a lot of people and slow their weight loss. This is because they have plenty of stored fat to use already. You can find out more about the program here.

What about keto?

There are people out there that really need keto. It will suit them, it will work and they will get great results from it. They need me to teach what I know from my own real life experience. That and the experience of coaching hundreds of people on how to effectively lose weight on keto.

There are people who need me to teach low carb.

And there are people who need me to teach carnivore.

There are women who need me to teach weight loss in menopause.

And there are people who need me to teach them how to stop emotionally eating.

And I am here for all of it.

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