Why Does Protein Help Weight Loss?
November 2, 2021

Protein is the single most important macro in your weight loss tool box.  Making protein a priority in every meal can be the key to unlocking long term weight loss without feeling hungry or deprived. Why does protein help weight loss? High protein diets, like Protein Priority Diet, helps you lose weight as you eat by boosting your metabolism. Not only that, it also helps to regulate hormones that control your weight loss like ghrelin (hunger hormone) and leptin (satiety hormone). Protein really is the master macro for metabolism, weight loss and long lasting health.

You Will Overeat

The fact is that your body needs a certain amount of nutrients per day to be at top health. Unfortunately the RDAs that are spouted by governments are the bare minimum that we need for health. The bare minimum we need before signs of deficiency appear. Because our bodies are so vastly different in what we need, the RDA is far too general and some people show signs of deficiency at much higher levels than others. 

If you don’t give your body the proper amount of nutrients that it needs to keep you healthy it will compel you to eat more through hunger and cravings. Yes there is an interaction between insulin (one of it’s main jobs is to control blood sugar) and the hormone that helps you feel full but if you can keep carbs low, that issue is taken care of. The problem is that your body will still try to get you to eat until you get the right amount of micronutrients.

Energy Toxicity

Humans typically eat between 1.3kg and 1.8kg (3 to 4 pounds) of food every day  but what that food is made up of is the key to weight loss or weight gain. Simply put, if you don’t get enough nutrition when you eat, you will overeat. Your body will risk you overeating everything – carbs, fats and calories, to get the minimum amount of nutrients and protein it needs. Your body will allow you to get obese in an attempt to get good nutrition. That is why it’s so important to think about what your food is made up of, besides calories.

Think of it like this. If you eat 1.8kg (4 pounds) of chocolate covered doughnuts you will eat 8201 calories. This amount of food is made up of 454g of fat, 925g of carbs and 88.9g of protein. If you eat 1.8kg (4 pounds) of steak you get 4917 calories (over 3200 calories less), 354g of fat, 454g of protein and zero carbs. You can see now why making sure your food gives you good nutrition is vital to weight loss and long term weight control.

Why does protein help weight loss

Protein is one of the macros that your body needs in abundance to maintain good health. You are literally made of protein. So much so that the enzymes in your stomach that digest protein (pepsin) have to be kept in a protective cover. This is so that when you’re not eating so that you don’t digest yourself! When you eat, hydrochloric acid is released by your stomach which lowers the PH level of the stomach. This activates pepsin so you can digest protein.

Think back to the amount of food a person eats every day. Carbohydrates we know are not essential to staying alive and healthy. We may choose to eat them but we don’t need them. Then there is fat and protein. Both of these macros are essential to health but the problem is in what ratio. Simply put, if you don’t eat enough protein, your body will make you eat more. It will keep going until it gets an adequate amount of protein. Give your body enough protein and it won’t make you overeat fat, carbs and calories. It really is that simple.

Is it really that simple?

Yes. I have proved it over and over in the Protein Priority Diet. Members report up to 15lb* weight loss in the first month and without feeling hunger, cravings or feeling deprived. That is because I teach them how to put protein first. Once you do that, the rest pretty much takes care of itself. Members who have struggles with binge eating for decades are reporting a huge reduction in episodes (you can read why here) and some who have stopped binge eating completely. It’s not magic, it’s protein!

How to move to high protein diet

You can find a list of the best high protein foods here https://christinaoman.com/what-are-the-best-high-protein-foods/ or you can just jump right in and get my free 7 Day Rapid Weight Loss Plan to get you started. Download it below and start your new high protein weight loss diet.

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